Bottle Size: 750ml

Alcohol Content: 14.2%

Wine Varietal: Merlot

Region / Area of Production : Pomerol, France

This is one of the larger productions of Petrus over recent years, with nearly 3,000 cases of this vintage turned out by proprietor Jean Moueix. An opulent Petrus very much in the stylistic family of the 1990, this 100% Merlot has a dense plum / purple colour and a sweet nose of mulberries, black cherries, some subtle toast and licorice as well as a floral element. A wine of great intensity, a multidimensional mouthfeel and full-bodied, stunning concentration, the 2009 Petrus 2009 is everything one would expect of it. Given the sweetness of its tannin, much like the 1990. I suspect this wine will always be "open for business," appealing even in it youth. Anticipated maturity: 2016-2050+ 
By Robert Parker 

2009 Petrus from Château Petrus, Pomerol, Bordeaux

In the realm of fine wine investment, enthusiasts who comprehend the gravity of vintages will appreciate the symphonic excellence of the 2009 Petrus from Château Petrus. The Pomerol region, known for producing some of Bordeaux's most sumptuous and opulent wines, outdid itself in this laudable year.


A Vintage Endowed by the Sun

The 2009 growing season in Pomerol was a viticulturist's dream. Picture perfect climatic conditions with an ideal balance of sunshine and just enough rain bestowed upon the Merlot grapes an opportunity to reach optimal ripeness. The terroir, a crucial factor in any Petrus, added its signature blue clay into this complex interaction, ensuring that each grape carried the region's heart in its skin.

Upon decanting, the 2009 Petrus from Château Petrus unleashes a tapestry woven from the darkest berries and plush plums which dance with truffles and hints of violet. A youthful vigor is met with a mellowed structure resulting from bottle age, creating a paradox on the palate both alluring and bewildering in its sophistication.


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