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The Yamazaki Distiller Reserved 

Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve is an original Japanese blended single malt whisky with a refined profile of fruity and floral notes. A fragrant but subtle-tasting drink, this carefully blended whisky is a classic matured in both American and Japanese Mizunara oak casks.

Perfect on its own or as an aperitif during meals, the Yamazaki single malt whisky is a serious drink for those who want to experience the depths of a good whisky. The Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve contains about 43% alcohol by volume (ABV).

The Yamazaki 12 Years 

Yamazaki 12 year old whisky is pure gold in colour, making it easy on the eyes. 

On the nose, fruity notes of peach, pineapple, grapefruit, clove and candied orange with a hint of vanilla waft through the whisky glass. There is also a hint of Mizunara or Japanese oak, of which the whisky has sat in for 12 years. 

The taste is deep and multi-layered. Coconut, cranberry and butter tastes are prominent on the palate. 

It’s finish is rather long with sweet ginger and cinnamon notes added to it. 

The Yamazaki 18 Years 


Yamazaki's 18-Year-Old Limited Edition Single Malt, a beacon of Japanese whisky craftsmanship. Housed in an intricately designed wooden box, this release exudes elegance and tradition.

Heritage: As Japan's pioneering malt distillery, Yamazaki has consistently elevated the standards of Japanese whiskies. This 18-year-old expression is a testament to Yamazaki's rich heritage and its pivotal role in the contemporary Japanese whisky movement.


  • Appearance: The bottle, drawing inspiration from Yamazaki's iconic Limited Edition series, is a blend of tradition and modernity, making it a collector's dream.
  • Character: The spirit within is a harmonious blend of rich, resinous fruits, showcasing the depth and finesse that Yamazaki is celebrated for. It's a sensory journey that captures the essence of Japanese whisky artistry.

Legacy: Representing the zenith of the Japanese whisky renaissance, this limited edition release from Yamazaki is not just a beverage but a piece of history, echoing the brand's unwavering pursuit of perfection.

Bottle Engraving: The Yamazaki 18-Year-Old Limited Edition bottle, with its intricate design, offers an ideal backdrop for personalized engraving. Add a special message, a memorable date, or a bespoke design, transforming this already exquisite whisky into a cherished memento, perfect for gifting or commemorating significant events.